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There was a time, in which neoclassical buildings were the main structure of the city.

In our days only a few are saved, among them the stone Neoclassical building in 14th of May Street 63, in the centre of Alexandroupolis.

As the carved date on the house’s wall shows, it was built in 1899 as a country residence of a businessman named Altinalmazis from Edirne. It was a family of high social status and very influential among the community, its not random that from the same family came the first mayor of Alexandroupolis. In 1937 it was purchased by a merchant who gave it to his granddaughter as a part of her dowry. The family of Aggeliki Giannakidou in 1998 leased and renovated the building and in 2002 became the home of EMT. The building came back to life with a new social function. Its new mission makes it a meeting point, with the unknown wealth and beauty of the Thracian culture and a center of research and creativity. Its inspired from primordial memory and brings together the old with the new, contemporary reality and popular tradition.