Today museums have evolved to be places of communication, gathering, critical thinking, discussion, learning and entertainment. They instigate creativity, value development and learning. Therefore, it is possible for those who take part in their activities, to gain something more than knowledge. Everyone’s individual experience and interpretation, combined with the flexibility provided, yields a meaningful relationship between the Museum and the public.

The Ethnological Museum of Thrace promotes interaction with the local society by designing an array of educational activities and workshops for all formal educational levels, organized groups, associations etc.

At the same time, it designs and carries out educational programs in partnership with educators on topics they care about.
The Museum puts intercultural education programs into effect, collaborates with special schools, bodies and organizations, aiming to involve local society as well as people from surrounding areas in its activities.
Educational programs can take place at the Museum, at schools, monuments and organized function rooms that cater for specific people’s needs and are custom-made.

The number of kids in each group is usually up to 25.
Educational programs can take place in English after prior discussion. This can be applied to: European Programs such as Erasmus, private English Schools, Foreign Language Institutes, organized groups, etc).

The cost of each educational program is normally 2€ euros per person and 4 euros if they take place in English or outside the Museum.
In case of a yearly project, the cost can be adjusted accordingly.
Duration of each program is 90 minutes.

For more information please contact 2551036663, [email protected], or [email protected]
Head of museum education: Valentina Socratous, facilitator and educator.


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