Music and the Devotional Cycle

Time, the cycle of life, the land, the vegetation, the rain, the crop, the seed, the perpetual cycle of creation, the human kind and The Divine, all make up for a primordial skein that emerges through customary activities, symbols and meanings of a different era, a different way of life, with the power to reveal the signs of an inward and social evolution.
Music in Thrace consists of traditional sounds that accompany Thracians to all their big life moments such as their birth and wedding, times of loss, suspense and longing, with weather rituals for the fertility of the land while at the forefront of the endless seed sowing cycle, and of death and nature revival.
The invocation and gratitude to Mother Earth, the Saints and God, are imprinted on the Holy Vessels in areas of worship, on traditional objects of worship cycle of the wider Thrace region, in customs and rituals whose performance is interwoven with people’s suspense and expectations for the year, hoping to somehow trap the good and to keep evil at bay.
All these activities that have the power to reveal the signs of a personal and therefore inward and social evolution, instigate the following:

 The rousing of a priceless treasure of images that everyone bears inside and has forgotten about, the re- discovering of symbolical thought and meaning, the atomic and collective purification and the wealth found in such behaviors.
  The re-discovering of family and local tradition, as well as the time and the place where people first began their journey as individuals and social beings.



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