Museum outreach

The ethnological and historical material of the Museum, motivates people to actively participate in matters of cultural heritage, in order to redefine our relationship with it, history, others and ourselves.
The purpose of our multi-level activities is to trace and dig deep into the relationship between the modern and the traditional, so that we can see the value of incorporating elements into modern life through a new approach.
Our activities aim to initiate and develop a dialogue and through effort, education, promotion, to be able to produce new ideas and relationships, so that the multiple activities that are a significant part of the Museum entity, are able to provide aesthetic pleasure, knowledge and culture.
So far, over 13,000 people have taken part in the activities of the Museum, showcasing the Museum philosophy which is about respecting everyone with no exceptions. The Museum is open to all, and is about revealing how important it is for everyone to participate in cultural issues and spread knowledge.

Types of activities:

 Research
 Publications
 Seminars
 Talks
 Lectures
 Leisure time workshops
 Educational programs
 Music performances
 Performance art
 Permanent Exhibitions
 Periodic exhibitions
 Creating culture-entrepreneurship
 Screenings



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