The Ethnological Museum of Thrace is at the forefront of culture throughout Evros Prefecture and responds to the human need for safekeeping the historic memory and cultural heritage, with the development of a significant book, pamphlet and audiovisual collection, depicting the cultural heritage of the region and assisting in its dissemination.
In its 17 years of operation, the library covers the entire spectrum of human knowledge, by placing emphasis on local and popular tradition, folklore and archaeology. The historic books and studies documenting local history from ancient times up to this day, are at the core of the collection. Encyclopedic knowledge is available in order to cover educational and research needs as well as carry out assignments and projects.
The library collection is constantly updated. Part of the printed material is published by EMT, counting 5000 volumes and 25 scientific magazines.

In particular, the library collection includes the following thematic fields:
Greek and foreign language books on various subjects
 Historic books and dissertations of different education establishments
 Local publications, books and scientific magazines
 Rare documents and publications
 Information material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps, guides,
 Greek and foreign language novels
 Pre-school books, children’s literature, teen novels
 Fairytale collection
 Poem collection
 The collection is complemented by audiovisual material including
movies, documentaries, DVDs, CDs.

In order to renew and update the library with the use of new technology, the Museum is about to introduce a new program (KOHA 3.2); an open code library management system that provides full library automatization and full bibliography availability through Open Access Catalogue (OPAC). Visitors of the digital library will be able to search and browse the digital material by gathering all the information they’re interested in with the possibility of a discount.

The main way of organizing the library is following the universal library rules.The descriptive cataloguing of the library material is done based on Anglo-American cataloguing rules, 2 nd rev, ed. Thematic indexing goes by the Thematic Headings Catalogue of the National Library of Greece and the Sears List of Subject Headings, all translated and adapted to the Greek language. The Decimal Classification System (Dewey Decimal Classification) is then applied for classification purposes.
In order to complete this effort, our future aim is the full digitalization of thelibrary collection, by creating an electronic Open Access Catalogue (e-OPAC).The library material is only available on the Museum premises, as borrowing is not possible.



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